Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best Relationship I've Ever Been In

Remember the episode of Sex and the City when Miranda gets Tivo and it changes her life? I totally get how she felt now. I held out on getting the DVR, but when I moved, my new apartment came with a fantastic 42 inch HDTV already installed, and it only seemed right to subscribe to the HD cable programming which happens to include a DVR. After the first two days I was ready to change my Facebook status to "Kelly is in a relationship with...her new TV and DVR."

One of the best things about my new cable service is the palladia channel that shows live music in HD. I am currently watching the drummer from Kings of Leon drink bottled beer from a straw someone is holding to his lips so that he doesn't miss a beat on the drum kit. I would like someone to start holding my beer bottles for me when I go out. I am so excited to see this band at ACL this year. I don't know how the lead singer manages to maintain that level of vocal intensity without losing his voice, but it sounds amazing, and not just a little sexy.

Lucky for me, while I was watching Kings of Leon, my DVR was recording the series premier of The Vampire Diaries on the CW. I have successfully managed to avoid the CW up to this point, but dammit if I don't love a good vampire tale. It used to be a mild interest, but Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series launched me into full on obsession. The vampire on the CW is desperately trying to be Edward Cullen, but he's just not quite there; thanks to the DVR I'll probably record and watch a few more episodes anyway. I draw the line at watching Gossip Girl though.

The worst thing I watch on TV is Flipping Out on Bravo. It is ridiculous, but the guy is so delightfully bat shit crazy I cannot help but watch. I act like I'm above reality television, but the reality is that in addition to Flipping Out I watch America's Got Talent (there is a lady from Houston going to the finals Monday who is a cancer survivor and she sings opera, which I don't even know much about, but she is so good I cry every time I hear her), this season I got suckered into The Next Design Star on HGTV, and of course the ultimate, Top Chef. I'm a little peeved I missed Top Chef: The Master's, but that was before I had my DVR, thank goodness I don't have to worry about missing anything of that nature again. Design Star and AGT are both winding up soon and I am not going to get caught up in them again. I don't feel too bad about Top Chef because it is as much cooking show as reality show. My absolute FAVORITE show is No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel. I guess it is kind of reality, but more documentary. Tony is an amazing writer and has a great way of illustrating things. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes food, travel, witty repartee, or learning about other cultures. It is a seriously amazing show.

Aside from the reality, I'm ready for The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Castle, and Chuck (which barely made it) to come back. I'm giving up on Heroes after a sucktastic last season. I'm not happy Life was canceled, and a little bummed Friday Night Lights airs its season on Direct TV before coming to NBC. What is REALLY making me HAPPY is Glee on Fox. If you haven't seen this show, go on-line and watch the first two episodes post haste. Maybe I like it so much because in addition to attending high school I worked in high schools for eight years, but it combines all the social awkwardness of being a teenager with all the gooey goodness that is musical theater. I defy you not to smile while watching this show.

I think this post makes it abundantly clear that I have too much time on my hands. Not that I watch more TV than before, I've just never gone to the trouble to write about it. I discuss it at length with my friend, Jason, and sometimes my sister, Jill, but it is kind of sad to see it all written out here. I must get a job so I can start going out again. I'm seriously excited about my DVR though, and once I am out on the town again, it will still record my shows for me! However, I will make every effort not to write odes to my DVR and beautiful TV again.


the higgins family said...

I could've written this post only with a few show additions and subtractions. I love my DVR and totally understand the relationship. I had no idea Life was canceled and am so sad I could cry. At least if I had to hear bad news today it was from a friend.

Charlotte said...

You clearly got your love of tv from me; I am shamelessly addicted. The only thing better than watching me some good tv is watching me some good tv with loved ones, cheese pizza and REAL Coke!

Jason Coronado said...

Gurl you are so missing out with Gossip Girl, it is so deliciously trashy you can't help but love it.

I would give up food before my DVR